The Compliance and Accreditation Managers Association [CAMA], established in 1987, is a national organization representing professionals in both correctional and law enforcement areas as well as all related areas within the criminal justice system. 

CAMA, a national affiliate of the   American Correctional Association , is committed to developing a better understanding of the accreditation process by promoting correctional and law enforcement standards, and providing professional development and training as an avenue for communication and problem solving techniques. 

CAMA also provides a network of professionals who work in the correctional and law enforcement field and are involved in compliance and accreditation who are willing to work with you to better understand and promote concepts and goals of accreditation.

For over 31 years CAMA has been providing quality training in quality assurance to corrections professionals from across the country.

CAMA is designed for:

Compliance and Accreditation Managers assigned with day-to-day responsibility whose facilities are involved in ACA, CALEA, NCCHC, or other accreditation processes.


Administrators and managers whose facilities are involved in the accreditation process.


Specialists whose jobs included the implementation of compliance and accreditation standards.


Individuals who are responsible for developing and writing policies and procedures.


Anyone, whether in the public or private sector, who is interested in learning more about the compliance and accreditation process.

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CAMA is a secured group of members who are in the fields of corrections and/or law enforcement. Join today and make CAMA your organization for networking, training, conferences, and sharing of best practices.

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