Furniture Trends for Outdoor Living & Entertaining Spaces



Outdoor furniture trends this year provide something to match any color palette imaginable, from stimulating blues to soothing pinks. Vivid shades such as blackberry or a dark green-gray provide eye-catching accents while neutrals like gray, beige and tans provide versatile base options. However, color isn’t the only thing to look at in order to keep trendy this year.

Vibrant Blues

Modern outdoor furniture boasts the sleek silhouettes and natural materials found in nature to give it its sophisticated appearance. Blue-tinted metals like brass and silver blend in seamlessly with your garden’s hues while remaining functionally clean lines. But also, painted teak wood adds warmth and durability, completing contemporary looks through its long lasting waterproof properties.

Neutral blues have long been the go-to choice for outdoor furniture, but bolder hues have seen an upswing this season. Bolder hues such as vibrant blues and fiery reds can transform a dull patio into an eye-catching oasis, as seen here. To avoid an overwhelming color scheme, try mixing one shade in multiple hues for a monochromatic design scheme.

Natural blue terra-cotta planters are another trend in outdoor furnishings that exude coastal aesthetics, offering you plenty of choices when creating the ultimate backyard paradise. Choose from multiple sizes and styles of these classic pieces today to bring this coastal feel into your backyard oasis, available at most home goods stores.

Soft Pinks

No matter your style – traditional, transitional or contemporary – soft pink hues can add subtle warmth and elegance. Contrast them with magenta-pink of Millennial Pink; soft pastel blush hues offer more subdued warmth and elegance that pairs beautifully with neutrals, natural materials (such as teak wood) as well as mixing furniture colors together ( mixing outdoor concrete dining tables with teak sofas and woven chairs can create an interesting and modern effect).

Blue and pink hues combine beautifully for an iconic yet stylish combination, perfect for adding energy and warmth to any backyard space. Use these hues in the form of rugs, throw pillows or accent walls for instantaneous impact and warmth in any outdoor living area.

Keep an eye out for minimalist furniture designs as a key 2023 outdoor furniture trend. This simple and aesthetically pleasing style has long been popular in interior design, and now makes its debut in exterior spaces as well. Luxury umbrella retailer Shadow spec reports that minimalism will become one of the key design motifs this coming season, particularly at lake houses where trees dominate their landscapes.

Curved Sofas

Last year’s pandemic forced many of us to reconsider how we use outdoor spaces, prompting interior designers to share with TZR several trends that would become prevalent during 2022. One such trend is making outdoor areas feel like extensions of indoor living and creating luxury experiences outside.

Curved outdoor sofas feature an ingenious space-saving design, offering ample seating while keeping the footprint relatively small when compared to straight-edged options. As such, they are suitable for spaces large and small alike.

Curved outdoor sofas are also an effective way to recreate the popular modern Mediterranean aesthetic this year. When you take a closer look at outdoor furniture trends and fabrics for these, they tend to be more versatile. From cord, weaved textures, glazed ceramics and terracotta tiles to stripes patterns and cozy corners – this style brings relaxation and vacation-like feelings into any outdoor commercial setting.

Low-Impact Frames

As outdoor furniture will likely remain outside year round, it must be durable enough to withstand weather elements like rain and humidity. That’s why many furniture makers now specialize in crafting pieces designed to withstand these elements – chairs and lounges come in all sorts of shapes, styles and materials such as natural wood that resist insect damage; metal frames that won’t rust with moisture.

Eucalyptus or teak wood makes an excellent outdoor furniture material, as its beautiful grain can be carved into intricate designs while remaining extremely durable. Unlike softwoods that grow quickly for indoor use, these hardwoods take much longer to cultivate so their density increases more slowly with age; moreover, teak has natural oils which repel water, helping prevent warping or brittleness that might otherwise occur with other wood species.

Natural Fibers

As consumers become more mindful of environmental and social justice issues, they have begun seeking out more eco-friendly choices in everything from clothing to garden furniture. Natural fibers such as bamboo are an effective way to make garden furniture more eco-friendly (source:; bamboo requires little water or chemical fertilizers for growth while being naturally durable and weather resistant – not to mention biodegradable material that doesn’t pollute the environment!

Repurposing old furniture and investing in eco-friendly pieces made from recycled materials are great ways to go green. Many trends from SS21 have carried over into this season, such as recycled metals, natural woods and neutral colors.

If you want a trend that combines fashion with sustainability, whitewash Mediterranean-style furniture might just be for you. This style combines clean lines and minimal shapes with monochromatic color schemes for unique settings that promote peace and relaxation – whether using it as an entire sectional sofa or simple accent chair it is sure to bring beauty and serenity into any backyard space.