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Tallyman is an internet-based total collections management software platform developed by Experian India. It is used by Axis Bank Ltd. To manage its collections operations. Tallyman Axis Bank helps to streamline and automate its collections manner, enhance performance, and decrease prices.

Features of Tally man

It offers a wide variety of features to assist Axis Bank manage its collections operations effectively. These features consist of:

  • Case control: It enables Axis Bank to control its collections instances successfully. It offers a centralized view of all instances, such as their repute, history, and assigned creditors.
  • Automated workflows: It automates among the tasks concerned within the collections procedure, along with sending reminders, making calls, and generating reviews. This frees up Axis Bank’s collectors to focus on more complicated cases.
  • Analytics: It offers Axis Bank with comprehensive analytics on its collections overall performance. This record helps Axis Bank to identify regions for development and make knowledgeable decisions about its collections method.

Benefits of Tally man

It gives some of benefits to Axis Bank, which includes:

  • Improved efficiency: It facilitates Axis Bank to streamline and automate its collections procedure, which results in improved performance. This means that Axis Bank can gather more money with fewer sources.
  • Reduced prices: It allows Axis Bank to reduce its collections fees by way of automating a number of the duties involved in the procedure. This frees up Axis Bank’s creditors to cognizance on more complex cases, which leads to better recoveries.
  • Improved patron satisfaction: It helps Axis Bank to enhance patron pleasure by providing a more efficient and patron-friendly collection. For instance, Tallyman lets in customers to make payments online or over the telephone, which makes it simpler for them to pay their money owed.

How Tally man works

It is an internet-primarily based platform, so Axis Bank’s collectors can get admission to it from everywhere with an internet connection. To use It, collectors simply log in to the system and enter the information of the case they are operating on. It then affords them with all of the data they need to collect the debt, along with the consumer’s contact information, payment history, and outstanding balance.

Case examine

Axis Bank has been the use of Tally man considering that 2018. In that point, the bank has visible a significant improvement in its collections performance. For example, Axis Bank has been able to reduce its collections prices by 20% and increase its collections restoration price by 10%.

In addition, Axis Bank has seen a giant development in patron pride. This is because Tally man has made it less complicated for customers to make payments and has reduced the wide variety of calls that Axis Bank’s collectors need to make.


It is a powerful collections control software program platform that is assisting Axis Bank to improve its collections performance, reduce expenses, and improve customer pleasure.It is a valuable device for any business that desires to manage its collections operations successfully.


Q: How does Tally man assist Axis Bank to lessen its threat of fraud and compliance violations?

A: It enables Axis Bank to reduce its chance of fraud and compliance violations by tracking all communications among Axis Bank’s creditors and clients. This allows us to ensure that all interactions are compliant with applicable laws and policies. For instance, Tally man can assist Axis Bank to discover and prevent fraudulent tries to gather money owed.

Q: How can Axis Bank use Tally man to improve its scalability?

A: It is a scalable solution which can develop with Axis Bank’s commercial enterprise. This approach allows Axis Bank to easily add or take away users as wanted. This is vital for Axis Bank as it permits the bank to fast and without problems adapt to adjustments in its enterprise, including growth or mergers and acquisitions.

Q: How does this shield Axis Bank’s facts?

A: It protects Axis Bank’s data by means of the usage of quite a few security features, such as encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection structures. It also has a team of safety specialists who are continuously tracking the platform for capability threats.

Q: How can Axis Bank use Tally man to enhance its reporting and dashboards?

A: It gives a variety of reporting and dashboard features that could help Axis Bank to improve its collections overall performance. For example, Axis Bank can use It to generate reports on its collections recovery fee, average collection time, and different key metrics. Axis Bank also can use Tally man to create custom dashboards that offer it with a real-time view of its collections performance.

Q: How can Axis Bank use Tally man to enhance its patron pleasure?

A: It can help Axis Bank to enhance its consumer pleasure by supplying a greater efficient and customer-friendly collections revel in. For example, Tally man allows clients to make bills online or over the phone, which makes it less difficult for them to pay their money owed.