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Do you like making repeated calls to different numbers to pull pranks on your friends? If so, you’ve arrived at the appropriate location! The Call Bomber APK—an Android program that enables you to phone your pals indefinitely from different numbers—and how to obtain it are both covered in this post. It also offers limitless SMS and support for international phones for extra mischief. 

What is the Call Bomber APK? 

The Android software Call Bomber APK was specifically created for protection from calls on personal numbers. It gives users the ability to make an infinite number of calls to any phone number. Even international numbers are supported, giving people a fun option.

Additionally, this software offers the ability to secure your personal number if you want to protect your phone number from being bombarded with calls and SMS.

What Is Call Bombing?

unlimited call bomber apk

Allows you to send a large number of call messages as a prank to a certain phone number. Which are often used by youth to tease their friends. There are many applications and websites that provide free call bombing services.

Gives users the option to send bulk SMS to their friends’ numbers. This prank can be quite entertaining if played with good humor and without malicious intent.

Call Bomber APK Information 

  • App Name: Call Bomber APK
  • Publisher: Tanveer Ahmad
  • Category: Tools
  • App Size: 16.2 MB
  • Version 1.0 is the most recent version.
  • Play Store
  • Last Updated: May 24, 2023 

Feature of Call Bomber APK

Unlimited Call Bomber:

The app does more than just place spoof calls. It provides a variety of inventive uses in addition to making fun of pals. The miss call bomber becomes an important tool for marketing efforts. By soliciting calls from credible endorsers, businesses may generate buzz and viral marketing. Online call bombers have the ability to dial the designated audience repeatedly while playing different call sounds. This may elicit a sense of urgency and excitement, increasing brand engagement.

SMS Call Bomber:

Practicing communication skills may be entertaining with the SMS. Users may practice taking calls and dealing with unexpected circumstances, such as hoax calls. Those who want to handle phone interactions with more confidence find it to be extremely helpful. Moreover, the software may mimic real-world situations like client meetings and job interviews, helping users improve their communication skills. 

Unlimited Calls:

The technology offers users limitless calling, enabling them to have as many talks as they’d want. For marketing efforts, social experiments, and comedic routines that demand for numerous calls, this capability is helpful. But, users should review the app’s terms and conditions to make sure there are no restrictions on daily or weekly interactions.

Accessibility to Multiple Devices:

It is compatible with a wide range of gadgets and operating systems, including iOS and Android. Because of the app’s broad compatibility, it is now available to a wider audience, and users may select the version that best matches their needs and device. Users should check the app’s system requirements before installation to guarantee compatibility.

Internet Accessibility:

Call Bomber is easily accessed online, making it practical to use from any location. Visitors may enter their chosen phone number and selected call type on the website. Others may be accessible immediately from the website, while certain online call bombers would need to be installed.

User-Friendly Interface:

The Call Bomber APK WhatsApp has an intuitive design that makes navigating and using it a breeze. The desired call type may be readily chosen and a phone number entered. For users to better understand how the program works, it may also provide a tutorial or help section.

Customized Calls:

Caller ID, the call ringtone, and the total number of calls made may all be customized by users of Call Bomber. With this level of personalization, customers may design distinctive call situations that meet their particular needs. Users can pick a caller ID that accurately represents the target of their prank, for example, or set a certain ringtone to play while the call is being placed. 

How to download Fake Call Bomber APK on Android Mobile?

  • To install Fake Call Bomber APK on your Android smartphone, follow these steps:
  • From the linked URL, download the callbomber.apk file.
  • To enable the installation of programs from sources other than the Google Play Store, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Resources.
  • To start the installation procedure, go to File Manager > Download Folder and press on the APK file.
  • Open Call Bomber, type in your friend’s phone number, then select the appropriate call limit.
  • The “Bomb” button should be clicked to begin dialing the specified number nonstop.  

How to use Fake Call Bomber APK and SMS Bomber Online?

Now, you have understood about Fake Call Bomber APK’s installation process and its features. Later, you will require its guide that can help you to use the portal efficiently:

  1. Open your mobile phone once you install this app.
  2. Open the application by tapping on the app icon.
  3. Now, you will be redirected to a new interface.
  4. You will be asked to enter your details such as mobile number, details, username, password, etc.
  5. After entering the details, click on the submit button.
  6. Once you click on the submit button, the application will start messages and calls.

Benefits of Fake Call Bomber APK

Fake Call Bomber Apk

SMS Call Bomber APK

This application program kit (APK) is made with the intention of quickly and heavily textually bombarding the target phone. The target device may become unresponsive or slow if this app overstuffs the message storage. The number, frequency, and substance of messages delivered can all be customized by the user. 

Fake Call Feature

Users may make false incoming calls on their phones with this APK, creating the impression that someone is attempting to contact them. Pretending to get a call from a famous person or a close friend is one of the many entertaining practical jokes and pranks that make use of this tool.

Miss Call Bomber:

This malicious caller disrupts and irritates their target by constantly leaving unanswered calls on their target phone. The frequency, number of missed calls, and length of each call may all be customized by using this software, which often offers users these choices.

Alternatives for Call Bomber APK 

Pranksters have access to a number of additional comparable programs in addition to Call Bomber online. Some substitutes are: 

  • Sk Bomber Tech
  • Booster Bomber
  • Phone Blast


Finally, Call Bomber APK provides a fun approach to prank your pals by making repeated calls from various numbers. Yet, it’s important to use these applications sensibly and just for recreational purposes, avoiding any abuse that can potentially cause harm to others. Enjoy the amusing aspects of these applications, and always keep in mind that the best practical jokes involve good humor.

FAQs regarding the Fake Call Bomber APK

Do any Fake Call Bomber APK alternatives exist?

It’s true that there are many substitutes available that offer the same functionality and even more customizability choices. One of them is called “Prank Call & Fake Caller ID,” another is called “Fake Call – Prank Calling App,” another is called “Fake Call & SMS,” another is called “Prankster – Prank Call App,” and still another is called “Scare Your Friends – JOKE!”

How does the Fake Call Bomber APK affect society?

The app presents issues with people’s safety, mental health, and privacy while still having the potential to make some people laugh and have fun. It may be ill-intentioned for identity theft, harassment, cyberbullying, and other offenses.

What issues with security and privacy does the Fake Call Bomber APK raise?

Users of the phony call bomber APK increase their risk of identity theft, harassment, and fraud by altering their caller IDs, which may annoy and bother innocent people.

What effects could prank calls have on the targets’ minds?

Some people could feel scared and nervous when they get prank calls. The overall well-being and sense of safety of the recipients may be at jeopardy if they feel violated, intruded upon, or embarrassed.

Is it possible for bad actors to exploit the Fake Call Bomber APK?

Those with evil purposes may use the Fake Call Bomber APK to disseminate rumors, make threats, or engage in cyberbullying.