How to Download Instagram Story with the help of these Top 10 Story Downloaders?



Instagram is a great platform to share thoughts of the day. You can share and read various stories on it. However, the longevity of these stories is just 24 hours. After this period, they disappear. In this situation, you can not save anyone’s story. Here, we know the solution for your problem. Here are the best 10 Instagram story downloaders that can help you for the same. With them, you save your Instagram stories for a long time. What’s more, you can only use them on public accounts, not private ones. So, let’s begin: downloader

It is the best story downloader that allows its users to download their preferred stories only from a public account. To use it, you just need to add your username, click the “download” tab, and you can start downloading.

In down

With, you can easily download anyone’s story by applying simple steps. After downloading, you can add those stories to your phone gallery to watch later.

This tool is entirely free to use to download Instagram stories. After using this tool, you can also reuse the downloaded stories to make your new content on social media. So, use them and enjoy your moments. 

Fastdl. app

If you want to save Instagram stories right after downloading, use Fastdl. app. You can do the same without logging in by just copying and pasting.

With the help of, you can download unlimited Instagram stories in no time. This tool offers you high-quality visuals with no watermark. You can use it with no disturbance.

You can use this tool for an effortless downloading of any Instagram story, even without registration. You can save your desired stories quickly to your device and use them as per your needs.

It is also a favourable story downloader, allowing users to download pictures, videos and Instagram stories. It is known as the straightforward story downloader out there.

If you need the most reliable and authentic story downloader, opt for the The top-rated download keeps you at ease to get your desired stories from Instagram. Most importantly, it has the best compatibility with any device, such as Android, PC, and any smartphone.

If you want a fast and reliable story download, you can choose With the help of this downloader, you can save lots of time and make the most use of it. You can even use it to download bulk stores at a time.

It is another of the best story downloaders that can simplify your downloading tasks. You can use it without logging in and get numerous stories simultaneously. You just need to follow some steps, and you are close to your desired stuff.


The above 10 story downloaders are the imperative tools to download your favorite stories on Instagram. These tools are simple to use and convenient to operate. Before using them, try to get the permission of the content creator to avoid violating Instagram terms.