Ibomma: Watch Telugu Movie Khiladi 2022




Ramesh Varma, who co-produced Khiladi Telugu Movie under A Studios with Satyanarayana Koneru, wrote and directed it. Along with Arjun Sarja, Unni Mukundan, Meenakshi Chaudhary, and Dimple Hayathi, Ravi Teja plays two characters in the movie. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in India, the 28 May 2021 release date has been indefinitely postponed. Devi Sri Prasad created the movie’s soundtrack and score. The movie will now be released on February 11, 2022.

Release Date for the Telugu film Khiladi on Ibomma

The original date for the movie’s premiere was May 28, 2021, you can also watch this movie on Ibomma due to India’s COVID-19 pandemic. The debut of the movie has been put off indefinitely. However, the film’s creators have stated that it will only be released in theatres. The movie will now be released on February 11, 2022.

Budget for the Telugu movie Khiladi

Regarding the Khiladi movie’s overall budget, it will cost roughly 50 crores to produce. They are spending Satyanarayana, not the money, on the movie. The movie’s production company has notified us that filming will begin by the end of November.

Cast and crew of the Telugu movie Khiladi

Ramesh Varma wrote and directed the movie. Social media rumors claim that the plot of Story is based on a con game played by the performer and a villain. Meenakshi Chaudhary and Dimple Hayathi, two aspiring actresses, would be paired with Ravi Teja in a movie romance. Sujit Vaasudev will serve as the director of photography, and Devi Sri Prasad will provide the music. The Ram-Laxman duo is on board for the action in the movie.

Story of the Telugu movie Khiladi

The revenge-seeking man is the center of the story. His life is made to run and he is put in jail. After being freed, he intends to exact revenge on those who killed his loved ones, but as he unravels the truth, things take an unexpected turn. Two thousand crores in cash are sent from Italy to India. It will be utilized politically to promote the incumbent Home Minister to Chief Minister of the state. how Gandhi (Ravi Teja), a typical family man with a young child, became embroiled in this exceptional predicament. Why is the CBI looking into him? In the end, the movie’s main plot is about what happens to him and his family.


As a performer, Ravi Teja always has a background segment when he performs in line with his usual approach. It is the same everywhere, as we can clearly observe in this case. When the star leaves, he is given a little alteration where he displays a different side. Examples are the “dancing side” of Disco Raja or the angrier side of Krack, among others. Ravi Teja gets to play another obnoxious character in Khiladi. Imagine Ravi Teja acting in a scenario where he is already animated and exaggerating things as is his habit. And in order to demonstrate the difference, he must raise the stakes. 


We can see that there was excessive overaction, therefore the end outcome is by no means good. The director is held accountable for not properly casting the part, but the hero is ultimately responsible and shares the blame. As a result, the star’s performance in Khiladi is forgettable. Khiladi is a mediocre crime thriller that only works in the first half overall. Basic assets include decent comedy, excellent music, and interval twists.