Instructions on how to recognize football bets for new players




Knowing how to read football odds is a condition for playing online games to bet. In the following article, we will update the answer for readers on how to read football odds.

What is a bet?

The bookie offers betting options for each global football match called football bets. In order to make a profit, players will place bets after choosing the best deal. If you are a new player, you need to learn how to calculate football odds and choose a reputable bookmaker to place your bets.

Log in to your bookie account, select the match you want to bet on, and click on the odds per game. The house often offers many complicated types of rafters, which are difficult to remember because they are quite complicated. However, once you know how to read the odds, you will find it easier.

How to read Asian bets

Evening Handicap – Handicap (0-0)

If the performance of the two teams is equal, they will not divide the upper door team into the lower door team. If the result is a tie, the player who placed the bet gets a refund.

Handicap ¼ – Half Left Handicap

The left half is also known as ¼ or 0.25. With this bet, the home team will accept the away team’s half of the bet. If the home team wins, they only win half of the money; if there is a draw, they lose half of the money, and the home team loses the entire bet.

Left half handicap ()

The way to recognize this half-handicap football match is the +0.5 or -0.5 number on the odds table. In this bet, the top team is the team that draws the bottom teams.

In the left-half handicap, you bet which team wins, and if the final result wins, you get the full amount. Especially if the match goes to a draw, the winner will belong to the top team.

Half-half 0.75

The top team handicaps the underdog with 0.75 left; if the top team wins by 1 goal, the person who bet on the upper hand gets half of the money. If the player wins by 2 goals, the player who chooses the upper hand wins the whole money. Undertaker wins the bet if the two teams tie.

Handicap 1 draw

Handicap 1 left, 1 draw are the Asian betting odds between two teams that have quite a large difference in strength. With a 1-draw handicap, the top team will have to get -1 goal and the bottom team will get +1 goal right from the start of the match. Handicap 1 draws will have these situations happen.

Some other bets

In addition to the above popular bets, when following the betting odds table offered by the bookmakers, you may come across some other symbols such as 1-1.5, 1.5, 1.5-2, 2.0, etc.

These are all bets where the top team will accept the bottom team. Similar to the handicaps shared above, you can think similarly for the next bets below. In the future, use your betting experience so that you can win anywhere.

In the above article, we have answered questions for readers on how to read football odds. Hope the above information will help readers.