Is the Vstechpanel Marketing & Digital Marketing Guide effective and reliable?





When a lot of jobs are on the verge of extinction due to AI, Digital marketing is significantly blooming all over the globe. The opportunities are new, but the time for learning new skills is perfect. And because there is a big potential in the field, a lot of digital marketing courses are getting sold out.

One of the best digital marketing guides that anyone can access for free is the marketing guide, which includes the basics of the field. has come up with an accurate guide where they made the entire field seem like child’s play. This article includes all the key highlights of the same, and you start right here: 

About Marketing Guide’s marketing guide, particularly about digital marketing teaches the basics that one requires before turning into a professional. has done a good job speaking facts only and instructing on how to effectively run social media ads and Google display ads. But before you begin, understanding the definition of digital marketing is crucial. Well, digital marketing is the usage of digital assets and generating sales from them. If not sales, the engagement rate is the bare minimum to expect.  

Best Digital Marketing Strategies from

  • Getting an optimized online website
  • Drafting a special email list for marketing. 
  • Posting optimized content to rank better. 
  • Being active on social media accounts to draw more audience. 
  • Target local people at times. 
  • Accurately drawing Loop Marketing: 5 P’s in Digital Marketing marketing teaches us about five important P’s, which are: 

  • Products: Company products or services should be as per the customer and their needs. 
  • Price: Understanding what price works for a product and what does not takes time. But once you know, there’s nothing that can stop you from excelling. 
  • Promotion: Promotion or ads are essential marketing tools. If the budget on your end is low, you can always choose people that’ll either do it for cheap or free. 
  • Place: Digital marketing is marketing on gadgets, not physical locations like board hoardings. As such, you have to find the best place online where your ads will bring sales. 
  • People: Now, the most important thing to consider is buyers. Thoroughly keep a check on what kind of group makes the most purchase and try your best to keep them happy. 


Digital marketing appears easy in the marketing guide. But it is only an illusion, as what you read is only the basics. On the other hand, cracking the field is complicated as effective digital marketing is only for the best performers. The field is tough, but more tough is living without skills. So, the best thing you could do for yourself is to implement strategies and make the most out of mainstream social media.