Kitty O’Neil: The Fastest Woman in the World




Death always carries an air of sorrow, it affects your mind and your life so deeply that it takes a long time to get over it, but some wounds never heal. Kitty O’Neil, a real-life wonder woman, who died at the age of 72 in 2019. She proved that If women can choose to do anything in this world. She was a legendary stuntwoman, who was known as the fastest woman in the world. 

Who Is Kitty O’Neil?

Kitty O’Neil was an American stunt woman and an actor who suffered from hearing illness at an early age. Her hearing in capability gradually made her deaf. But despite facing numerous challenges during her early ages she went on to become one of the most recognized stunt performers in Hollywood. Her extraordinary skills made her land into various job opportunities as a stunt master in various movies such as ‘The Bionic Woman’, ‘The Blues Brothers’  and ‘ Wonder Woman.

Kitty O’Neil’s Biography

Kitty O’Neil was a star in herself, there was no one who could stand in front of her. She made her position and her positive attitude, always choosing a difficult path, just increased her craze among youngsters. 

In 1979, a biopic came known as Silent Victory: The Kitty O’ Neil story. It was produced by Hambleton.and the best part is that Kitty O’Neil herself played her role and performed her stunts, naturally.  

In 1982, she retired from her work, because was just done physically and mentally, she just wanted rest for the rest of her life. After her retirement, she decided to live her late life in Eureka, South Dakota, which was the museum, which is devoted to her life and her career, where she got a quarter for living.

Kitty O’Neil’s : Early Life

Kitty O’Neil’s was born in Texas to an  American Air force officer, who died in an airplane crash. Her mother was Patsy Compton O’Neil, who is the sole reason due to which Kitty learned lip-reading after losing her ability to hear. Eventually, after years Kitty’s mother became a speech therapist and co-founder of a school for visually impaired students. 

Kitty O’Neil History: The Fastest Women In the World

On 6 December 1976, a memorable day for Kitty O’Neil and for all women in the world, because on this day Kitty O’Neil became the fastest woman in the world, by setting a land-speed record in 48,000- horsepower. Also, she burned herself through the Alvord Desert in Oregon and set the record of 512.710mph.

But her records are not over yet, in fact on water, she set a record with a jet-powered boat known as Captain Crazy at 275 mph and on water skis at 105mph. She shocked everyone when she jumped off from the top of the Valley Hilton Hotel while doing stunts for the Wonder Woman character. And the biggest surprise for the world was when she broke the record for jumping out of a helicopter and set the new one with 180ft.

Kitty O’Neil Cause Of Death

In 1978, when she was driving a rocket-powered car for the show called Super Stunt, she encountered a dangerous crash, almost ending her career, but champions never fail so easily, she woke up for another battle. There were so many moments when her injuries made the world believe that her time was ending but every time she stood up and proved the world wrong.

She faced cancer twice in her 20s, everyone around her just predicted that she would never be able to walk, but she recovered. But doctors told her to not choose a career in athletics. But she was not ready to compromise with her dreams at any cost. She decided to participate in a car and bike race. There was an incident when she participated in a motorbike race and unfortunately, she got smashed, she felt brutal pain inside the gloves, she removed it and found only two fingers inside. But, destiny has decided something else. She died on November 2, 2018 due to pneumonia in Eureka, South Dakota at the age of 72. 

Kitty O’Neil Husband

The world is not much aware about the personal life of Kitty O’ Neil. According to some old reports she married Hambleton and during that period she also took a break from her career. But her marriage period was short.   

Impact of Kitty’s Work

So today she is not with us, but her talent and her work always remains in our mind. She is the real-life example of the line “Human should be known for his work, not for anything else.” She was fearless, brave, and someone who enjoyed her work. She always said that her work and her adventures in life were her first priority, her first love. 

She left the spirit of indomitableness in the world of stunts.  She was a great stunt artist, who departed from this earthly stage gracefully and that’s why her legacy inspires the generations. Her excellent personality knew no boundaries. From gravity to depths, she was just unmatched.  With the death of Kitty, the world lost another diamond and a remarkable icon. But the world should be glad and thankful for her work and celebrate the life she lived. 

So, the one and only Kitty, the fastest woman in the world, always remains in the history of the stunt and the history of women’s empowerment. Her strength, her power, and her fearless soul are just hard to forget.

Kitty O’Neil Net Worth

Kitty was a great stunt woman, racing car driver, and TV Actress. She had over $4 Million of annual worth. Although these are like grains for O’Neil as she approximately earns more than $60,000 annually from her car racing and her movie stunts as well.


Despite facing various hardships in her life Kitty O’Neil never restricted herself and achieved great success in her life. In 1976 she received the honorable title of “Fastest Woman Alive”, for breaking all the previous records for rocket-powered car drivers. Not only this she also set a  women’s high fall record of 127 feet in her performance of stunt double in an episode of ‘Wonder Woman Series’. Since then the story of Kitty Neil has been inspiring various people.