Piso wifi – A Reliable Internet connectivity in Philippines



Share pause time is currently one of the most popular topics in the Philippines. Piso WiFi is an extraordinary business prototype that permits you to give away your additional Internet connection to people who cannot afford their own. It can be extremely lucrative, but before investing in one, you should comprehend how it operates. 

However, many people are still unaware of what pause time is or how it works. This article will help you better comprehend Piso WiFi so you are competent to determine if it’s the right fit for your business as well.

What are the pricings of  Piso WiFi?

Piso WiFi is an assortment of the terms “Piso,” which implies “one peso” in the terminology of the Philippines, and “WiFi.”

According to some penmanships, this corporation enables consumers to cover the expense of internet access with a little amount of capital rather than instructing them to subscribe to pricey plans such as those furnished by telecommunications corporations such as Globe Telecom or Smart Communications. Customers can purchase internet access for as little as 20 pesos, which allows them unlimited data usage until midnight that day.

It is a coin-based self-service Internet technique that caters to the public who want to stay secure while on the go. Piso WiFi delivers free WiFi access and a quick internet connection for just $1 per hour or nearly $20 for 5 hours!

A pause time can be utilised for around 2,000 pesos per month, generating up to 40,000 pesos in earnings. But what exactly does this imply? To begin, if you have adequate capital, you can make a lot of capital by establishing computers in public places and charging for WiFi access.

To operate Piso WiFi, you’ll need a building or an accessible location.

As the name implies, you will require a building or location to house network equipment and computers for your customers to use. You can use an existing construction or site. If you don’t have any area on your property and don’t want to create anything from scratch, you can find a pre-existing area and lease it out for this objective.

A good location is essential for any business to thrive. Being accessible entails presenting all information in a consistent and open format, ensuring that everyone has access to it, and ensuring that your company is adaptable and reachable to all. 

There is unlimited potential for growth with an operational Piso WiFi business in an accessible area that modem WiFi can cover. 

Is a business licence required for Piso Wifi?

It is determined by your annual gross income and geographic area.If we base it on the income it generates, the rule that applies to a sari-sari store and other low-income businesses should also apply here. You are not required to register or pay taxes if your annual gross income does not exceed Php 100,000  per month.

While specific neighborhoods are fair with small companies employing as is, others may need all businesses, regardless of size, to register. To avoid inconveniences later, make sure to examine your area’s policy on this early on.

Piso Wifi Connection that is  stable and secure

Because you will be trading internet access, it is crucial that you have a stable and secure internet association. You can utilize an existing one if you have one. 

Some suggest improving to a business line or higher Mbps right away, but I say stick with the current plan first as long as it adheres to the required speed. Before you get an upgrade, you can test the speed yourself or ask customers if they notice any lags. The minimum required speed is 5mbps, but most experts recommend 15mbps.

A constant flow of 100 kbps is adequate for internet surfing, social media use, and seamless play in most online games, but hefty usage, such as video streaming, can deplete up to 3mbps. Take this into reflection when selecting a plan.