Pixwox: Instagram Viewer And Downloader




You can sneakily check out someone else’s Instagram with Pixwox. This program allows you to remain anonymous while accessing sensitive information. This article will explain everything you need to know, including the best features, drawbacks, and alternatives to Pixwox. Therefore, read on to the finish.

What is Pixwox?

Pixwox, for the uninitiated, is the newest piece of software that lets you save photos, videos, highlights, and stories from Instagram with a single click. When it comes to quickly downloading and watching Instagram stories and reading people’s updates, This is an excellent piece of software. Finding and saving your device’s most popular Instagram stories is now easier than ever. Viewing Instagram stories and downloading the photographs and videos people share in updates is a breeze. The update’s accompanying material can be downloaded with a single swipe. Whether you merely want to watch Instagram stories or rapidly grab photographs and videos from other people’s posts, this is your best option.

Pixwox’s Features

Pixwox’s best features include:

  • Rapid Activity

If you want to quickly and easily save photographs, videos, or highlights from Instagram, this program is for you. With a few clicks of the mouse, you may have anything you want downloaded to your computer in seconds. Also, you don’t have to worry about finicky configurations or settings, as they aren’t necessary. The design prioritized making it simple to operate.

  • High Definition Quality

It produces high-definition images suitable for printing or uploading to social media sites. You may use it to choose the best picture for any purpose, from creating a family album to making a business presentation.

  • No Ads

It’s a social media site where people can upload and exchange visual content. Users of the site will not have to deal with intrusive advertisements because none are shown. Users can focus on content creation and distribution without being distracted by irrelevant commercials.

  • Bug-free

Its sole purpose is to provide every user with a flawless experience. They employ a team of testers who work around the clock to guarantee that none of our goods contain bugs and that everything is running well. 

How to Download the Pixwox App?

This application is authentic and thus easily available on Playstore for users convenience to install it. All you need to do is search for the app’s name on the search bar and download it from the given results. 

Steps to Download Instagram Photos and Videos

This user-friendly platform is easy to use you can download any photos or videos by following these steps:

  • Open your browser.
  • Search Pixwox website and tap on the link to access it.
  • Enter the user ID or name of the user whose story or video you want to download. 
  • You can visit the post page to see all the uploaded content.
  • Finally, you can download your desired photos or videos.

Advantages of Using Pixwox:

This Platform has bunch of advantages and among them some are listed below:

  • There’s no need to put in personal credentials.
  • By using this app you can download any restricted content without creating your account.
  • Access to anyone’s user history.
  • Data on this application remains encrypted and safe.
  • This user-friendly application does not let the profile holder know if you viewed their stories.

Disadvantages of Using Pixwox

Every application has their own pros and  cons, and some of the cons of Pixwox is listed below:

  • Users have largely complained about the app’s features and services.
  • Due to low popularity the app is not recognized well enough.
  • Applications failure to locate users need.
  • Similar technologies are used to scam people. 

Best Alternative to Pixwox

  1. 4k Stogram
  2. Izoom You
  3. InstaStories
  4. Imoka
  5. FastSave
  6. Instalkr
  7. Dumpor
  8. Instore
  9. Imginn
  10. VideoPress


If you enjoy Instagram and want to make the most of it and have more fun with your photographs and videos, It is an indispensable tool, an excellent Instagram viewer, downloader, reporter, and editor. Get Pixwox now and see Instagram in a whole new light.