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You’ve probably guessed from the headline that we’re talking about here. This website has recently gained a lot of public attention due to its large number of intriguing articles. Affiliate marketing, cloud storage services, computers, software information, tech news, tips & techniques, and more are among the features. This platform is said to have much more potential, which have been evaluated ahead:


This platform is a conventional blog-driven platform, hosting hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs. Each post is written by an industry professional who shares their expert view on the issue at hand. Furthermore, a stringent fact-checking method is followed to ensure that no misleading material appears on the website. 

When you visit official website, you’ll notice a number of articles listed on the homepage. Perhaps there are new writings, with the most recent at the top. However, you can easily filter out blog possibilities depending on category. Simply scroll down the page to locate the category list and click on it to browse articles in that domain. 

Categories available on

Given below are the various category that are been reviewed by

  • internet: Articles on the internet may be found in this category. SEO-related issues, web hosting providers, trends, and projections are just a few examples. 
  • Affiliate Marketing: This category presently has a small amount of articles, however it contains affiliate marketing tricks and information on how to make money the easiest way. 
  • Cloud Storage Services: This section contains information on the advantages of cloud storage, video calling applications, routers, and other relevant subjects. The good news is that virtually all of our content is simple and enjoyable to read. 
  • Computer: As the name indicates, the computer is for computer-specific and gadget recommendations. There are also in-depth explanations of concepts such as SMPS that have been simplified. 
  • Cryptocurrency: A few years ago, cryptocurrency was a major phenomena. Some popularity may still exist, but it isn’t really big right now. And those who are still interested in cryptocurrency should be in this category.. 
  • Finance: Surviving in today’s world would be nearly impossible without money and finance. To be competitive, one must grasp how money moves and how to save money. This area contains detailed information about money-saving and financial courses. 
  • GOOGLE DRIVE INFO: This part contains blogs on copying Google Drive files, differences and similarities, transferring old Gmail to new Gmail, and so on. 
  • GOOGLE G-Suite: The GOOGLE G-Suite is all about the G-suite, including blogs comparing it to Office 365, differences, Google Drive service accounts, and so on. 
  • Health & Fitness: This category contains every blog on health, wellness, and fitness. In addition, the material on this page is intended for everyone who wishes to positively modify their unhealthy lifestyle. This category, which contains largely professional advice blogs, will most likely be the best place to start getting back on track. 
  • Review Post: Want to buy anything but aren’t sure what? In such a deluded condition, the best thing to do is read reviews and decide whether or not that’s a good idea. Such review articles are provided in this area by writers who have done sufficient product research. 
  • Software Info: This is the category for explaining software. As a result, among other things, one can investigate AJAX, Air Explorer Pro, Google Collab, and expand rive. 
  • Tech News: Technology is rapidly developing, and understanding what’s going on now is critical. Searching for news is no longer an issue, due to Tech News category. Internet: Introducing The Best 10 Gadgets For Productivity

The article starts with the introduction and then tells about some productive gadgets by highlighting them in the article. Including devices are wireless headphones, power banks, wireless charging pad, cloud storage and more. Also, the article contains conclusions and a few FAQs to resolve all your queries. 

Top 3 Popular Articles

There are several articles and blogs accessible at Technorozen, and we have attempted to highlight a few of them here.

Machine Learning: How it Reduces IT Workload and Costs – Technorozen

This article discusses how machine learning decreases workload in the realm of information technology. It does this through the analysis of technology data and prediction, which enables workers to make future decisions based on the analysis. This allows them to be more efficient and fulfill their objectives.  

The Best Cloud Storage Service of 2022 (Part 2) – Technorozen

Users may find crucial information and the most recent updates on cloud storage in this post. The article focuses mostly on Dropbox, which is one of the few services that is available on Linux and Blackberry. Dropbox is also available for Windows, macOS, Standard iOS, and Android. Not only does this information describe the storage that is provided. 

 Google Sheets VS Excel: Which is better for the Job – Technorozen

Users may learn which of these two technologies is more beneficial for the work by comparing them in this blog. It discusses the significant differences, such as pricing, implying that Excel costs roughly 100 euros whereas Google Sheets with a Gmail Account is free. 

Archive Of 

The platform has an archive folder where you can find the older files or articles that are like months and years older. This aids users to find old data in an easy way. Here are the few archive articles mentioned below: Transfer Emails From Old Gmail To New Gmail

In this article users will begin with the introduction of Gmail and then you will get the necessary steps that you can take to proceed to transfer the emails from old Gmail to new Gmail. Well, the process of transferring emails can be easy with this platform as it offers the easiest way and assists you with valid articles. 


Finally, this website may be of tremendous help and is an all-rounder. That’s because it covers a wide range of topics, including computer, crypto, internet, and software, as well as health and wellness. This website is fantastic, however visitors may have to watch advertisements in order to see content seamlessly. Aside from advertisements, there isn’t anything to complain about. If you encounter an insurmountable difficulty, you can always contact a representative at and explain the situation. They will most likely react with solutions or address the issue for you.

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